Episode 9: How do you define success?


I’m not going to add much to this episode because I think it speaks for itself.  I talk about some personal successes and failures, and what’s worked for me in order to push through hard times (because I’m a pro at giving up). I hope you find some value here for your own life and […]

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Meal Prep for Busy Women

low carb meal prep

I know, you have no time.  Neither do I, but I still food prep because, for me, solid nutrition is a non-negotiable. So here’s a quick and dirty guide to getting it done in less than an hour. Enough for Monday – Wednesday Get 3 larger containers and 6 smaller containers ready for the prep process. […]

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If you’re going to be successful as a coach, you can’t have a victim mentality.

how to be a successful coach

Coaching is about leadership. About blazing a path for what’s possible and demonstrating how to overcome challenges and setbacks in a meaningful way. We ALL struggle to reach our goals. We ALL encounter setbacks, rejection and the occasional poop sandwich. This is life. But true leaders know how to ask for what they need without […]

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