Make any soup recipe healthy.

healthy soup

Yay for fall!! Tall boots, cashmere sweaters and skinny jeans (when not in yoga pants, obvi).  I love the change of season SO much.  It’s less obvious here in California than it was where I grew up (in Ontario, Canada), but still pretty.   Leaves change, air gets cooler, but no threat of snowstorms – […]

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Paleo Cream of Asparagus Soup

paleo cream of asparagus soup

This one is from the archives, but even though the recipe is 2 years old, it still stands out in my mind as an amazing soup, so I’m bringin’ it back for an encore. XO My husband and I recently went to Tangine for a date night dinner. It’s a little unpretentious neighborhood restaurant in […]

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Get your hopes up.

get your hopes up

We hear that all the time. And there’s a good argument for that. We get wrapped up in expectations about that new guy we just met (is he the one?), the new job that sounds awesome on paper, or that BIG HAIRY GOAL that we aim to achieve by labor day. If you get your […]

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Taming the drama queen in your head.

Taming yourInner

You know that special brand of crazy you get from mentally obsessing over a negative situation?  You ruminate for hours, make up nut-bar reasons for why it happened, justify your absolute innocent and scheme up all the clever ways you should react to it, only to later find out that you were completely misinterpreting things. […]

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