Low Carb / High Protein Healthy Snacks for the Road

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Spring break is around the corner, so I thought I’d talk a bit about traveling healthy. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can stay on track while on the road.

  • Think ahead! Planning and preparing will assure you can reach into the cooler in the back seat and grab a healthy snack instead of stopping off at Burger King in a fit of hunger.
  • HBE’s (Harb Boiled Eggs) are your friends! They are like little pre-packaged protein bombs and they taste great sprinkled with a little flavor Gods seasoning.
  • Olives are a great finger food and are packed with healthy fats. They’re even easy to bring on a plane, as long as you drain the liquid beforehand.
  • Speaking of plans, if you want to travel with liquids or semi-liquids, like yogurt, just freeze it first and let it defrost on the plane.
  • Slices of pepper, carrot, raw sweet potato or jicama and guacamole – yum!
  • Peanut butter sachets are great to squeeze right into your mouth! But careful with anything salty, like nuts. The salt will make you eat more than you need to.
  • Quest bars, the sachets of Shakeology and the occasional piece of fruit or container of berries is perfect for on the go. Just be creative!

Okay, here’s a fun question – when traveling and you haven’t planned your food, what’s your favorite best-I-can-do-right-now meal? I will go for a subway sub with loads of veg, but I only get the honey oat bun because it’s one of the few that doesn’t have HFCS. Salads are obvious, but I also like the protein snack pack from Starbucks. What about you?

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  1. Hey Caren, I love your blogs!So most my life I was a little overweight. To be honest I’m a recovering opiate addict. Im proud to say I have over 6 yrs clean. I just turned 38. My average weight has always been between 135-150lbs(I’m 5’3in). I gained a whopping 45lbs, 5yrs ago due to being on a methadone program. Drs said I’d drop that weight once I’m off it. I got off that poison 4yrs ago, and only lost 10lbs. I also have endometriosis, which I heard makes it harder to lose weight. I’m truly at my wits end here, and desperately need help!Due to those health issues, I became unemployed. That lead to depression. My state of mind is great now, and I feel ready to make the changes in my life to be fit and healthy…and stay that way. I even have a gym in my complex, I think it’s time we get to know each other. I don’t have the proper insurance or finances to hire a personal trainer, or nutritionist. At this point in my life, times a running, and I want to be me again!!! Any tips or advice on plans would be incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for hearing my story in a nutshell.

    -Miyeko Yoshimi, LA, CA

    1. Hey Miyeko, Congratulations on coming so far in your recovery. That’s amazing and you’re clearly a very strong person that can make hard but necessary positive changes to have a better life. This will take you so far in life. Having grit is a true virtue!

      As for losing weight, I can’t give you specific advice because I don’t know you, but I recommend you reading through my fat loss 101 article: https://www.thefithabit.com/fat-loss-101/ The idea of fat adaption was a game changer for me because I was becoming insulin resistant. I also recommend cutting out grains and sugars out of your diet (so all gluten products for sure) and perhaps dairy, to see if you have any issue with those foods.

      These are great places to start, but the road to health is a life long journey, so try your best to make it fun!

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