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Before I get into this, if you’re a podcast listener, you might be interested in listening to a series of podcasts I’ve created about my business journey.   You can also join my Facebook Group where I talk about the in’s and out’s of coaching and what you can expect.  It’s a group for anyone with a curiosity about the business. There are no obligations with joining, and it’s a great way to get your questions, answeredscreenshot-2016-10-30-18-40-43

I get asked about my fitness business a lot.  It’s something that has evolved over the years since I first became a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

For a long time, I coached women one-on-one online.  It worked, but it wasn’t terribly scalable and I found that there was a disconnect with online training, because my clients would often forget how to do certain moves.  I found that written programs were not as effective as being with clients in person (which was not my vision) or video.

Since I’m not a video producer, I turned to a format that I love, trust and do regularly myself – Beachbody programs.

Now, I don’t love them all, but there are several that I think are incredibly effective and can really help to change not only body composition but also build confidence and joy in my clients that use them.  Because these programs also come with meal plans, workout schedules and more, my role has really changed from formal trainer to being an accountability coach.  Rather than tell my clients what to do, I now workout (virtually) alongside them and it’s more of a partnership than anything else.

And I like it that way so much more.

Anyway, now that I’m no longer creating programs or giving nutritional advice (because it’s all in the program), what I do is not something that requires a certification or a diploma.  It just takes empathy, a strong commitment to your goals and the goals of the folks you help, and a willingness to connect with others.  It’s simple really, but it’s not for everyone.

The key to success in my business is 4 things:

  • Being consistent with my own fitness and health journey (so that I’m always showing progress – not necessarily perfection)
  • Sharing that journey with others so they can see what’s possible and be inspired to make a change for themselves
  • Working on my own personal development – always learning, exploring and pushing boundaries
  • Connecting with others so I can grow my business

It’s not rocket science, but it does take time, commitment and patience to persevere through rough spots.  The upside is that I work when and where I want and I grow my business at my own speed, and in my own unique way.  I’m not a “salesy” person, so it’s so my strategy is to be always giving value for free that others then want to have more of and will be happy to pay for. If that sounds appealing to you and you have the
empathetic and encouraging nature I mentioned earlier, you could do very well in this business.

If you want to explore it further, just fill out the form below and I’ll follow up with you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just curious or ready to crush a new career in fitness, there’s no question I won’t answer.  Just ask.


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