How to live in America Right Now


To say that living in the US right now is stressful, is an understatement. Whether you’re happy with the election turn out or not (and personally, I’m not), I think we can all agree that there is an aggressive energy here in the US that is almost palpable. But I’m not so much concerned with […]

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Smart Girl. Big Life.

Some common themes amongst the most powerful, influential and hip women I’ve encountered that have left a lasting impression … She looks great (regardless of what Mother Nature blessed her with), exudes confidence and doesn’t spend much time concerning herself about what others think of her, always choosing self awareness over self consciousness. She’s self […]

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My Ego Vs My “Self”

Since I’ve started practicing mediation, which is really just the artof being still, I’ve begun to get clarity on what my genuine interestsare. I’ve always been drawn to Eastern practices, psychology and selfdevelopment, but I’ve dismissed them as passing interest since theydidn’t quite fit with my expectation of myself or who I should be. Myintention […]

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