Paleo Mayo Recipe

I call this brain boosting because my recipe calls for MCT oil, but you can substitute other oils if you don’t have MCT. What is MCT oil and why use it in my mayo? The benefits of MCT oils are many, but in particular,  it helps with appetite suppression, cognitive function, and mitochondrial health, which […]

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Embracing a Higher Fat Diet – An Introduction to No Sugar, No Grains (or #NSNG)

susan powter

Do you remember Susan Powter? I’m probably aging myself here, for if you don’t remember her, you’re probably like 20 something, and I’m technically old enough to be your mother. Anyway, Susan Powder was a really BIG thing about the time when I first realized that I had to take some steps to control my […]

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Roasted potato wedges with rosemary and olive oil

Have you noticed that Facebook has changed lately?  It’s less about friends posting useless updates about their meals and the traffic they’re stuck in, and more about passing around Victorian inspired pictures with goofy quotes on them.   It’s not that I dislike the quotes, I actually like most of them (especially the goofy pet shots), […]

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