My Athleisurewear Black Friday Shopping List! Yay Leggings!

fitness clothes

Did you guys have fun yesterday?  As promised guys, this is my shopping list for Black Friday.  It’s all athleisurewear (because outside of the office, that’s all I wear) and it’s the brands that I’ve had some experience with and love the most.  Also note, these aren’t affiliate links.  They’re just straight up, my pics for […]

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Be the fool who tries.

courage to try things.

You guys, I was listening to Find Your Extraordinary by Jessica Herrin (highly recommend that book btw) and something she said FLOORED me: “Be the fool who tries”. Backstory:  When I was very young, I was a pretty silly kid who loved Barbies far beyond its age appropriateness.  Dramatic arts was my favorite class in […]

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