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fitness coaching online

It’s not going to work until it’s so simple that you cannot fail.  Let’s start there.

** Head’s up, I have 2 slots available for my year long training (the duration of 2017).  These spots will not last, so please see details below and fill out the quick application form if you’re interested in learning more.

21 day fix coaching

Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life — with the support of a personal trainer, certified nutrition coach.  I use best-in-class home workout programs, nutritional support and online accountability to create amazing results for my clients. I have been helping women over the age of 35 get in the best shape of their life since 2014.  Do you want to be next?

Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  1. Fun, effective workouts you can do at home generally in 30 minutes
  2. Doable nutrition coaching that walks you through portion control, meal planning and what to eat when you’re crazy-busy with life.
  3. A customized app to track your workouts, nutrition and weight loss progress (so fun).
  4. A supportive group of women all pushing toward the same goal – getting hot and healthy!
  5. My coaching and mentorship for 3+ weeks
  6. 30-days of superfoods! These are dense nutrition smoothies that will help you stay fuller longer and crave less. There’s no weird ingredients (unless you consider superfoods like flax, chia and green tea extract, weird).
  7. You walk away with a stronger, leaner physique, more energy, more confidence and a new set of tools to keep you motoring along in your healthy lifestyle.
  8. These online groups are small, so you’re a name with a face and a personality that we get to know.
  9. The program is backed by a 30-day 100% guarantee, so rest assured, there’s no risk of loss (except body fat).

group fitness coaching onlineBecause this is group training, it’s incredibly affordable.  For less than the cost of a pair of designer jeans (under $200 USD), you get:

  • An entire workout program (not just one, but a progression of them) on DVD and with online access as well
  • A 30 day supply of nutritional superfood smoothies  (they. are. amazing.)
  • Food portion containers for accurate nutritional planning (only with some of the programs)
  • A detailed nutrition plan – know exactly what to eat and how much
  • A workout calendar – know exactly what to do and when
  • All my love and attention as a professionally trained coach.

Want in?  The groups are small, so they fill up fast.  Give me a little more detail on what you’re looking for, and I can help you find the right group to suit your needs.

Lets do this!

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xo Caren