Competing Again! 13 Weeks Out

photo 1Happy birthday to ME!! Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated the night at my favorite restaurant in LA. It was the perfect night with a great group of friends.

photo 2

Sexy Birthday Pants!

I’ll tell you, I’ve started disliking Facebook a lot in the last year, but there’s something amazing about getting that influx of cyber birthday love from friends near and far on a single page. It never gets old for me.

Yesterday I also committed to something else that I”m really excited to share. My next show! I’m going to compete in Fitness America Southern California on Aug 23rd, so I’m officially 3 months out. I’m particularly excited for this show because it’s small(ish), local and will keep me on track over the summer months.

But more than that show itself, I’m really excited for my prep this time. The last show I competed in was difficult. I don’t do well with carb cycling, a whole bunch of oats and egg whites and very little fat. This prep will be a bit of a self experiment in that I’m taking a no sugar, no grains approach (#NSNG). So rather than the typical bodybuilding prep of little sandwich baggies of soggy asparagus and chicken 8 times a day, I’ll be doing 3 or 4 meals, little snacking, no sugar and definitely no oatmeal.

I’m also taking a different approach to my workout load. Rather than doing a typical 4 or 5 day split that might look like this:

  • Monday – Chest and shoulders
  • Tuesday – Back and biceps
  • Wednesday – Legs
  • Thursday – HIIT
  • Friday – Off
  • Saturday – full body circuit
  • Sunday – Legs

I’m going to do something that looks more like this

  • Monday – full body (a press, a pull and 2 lower body moves – more on this later)
  • Tuesday – sprints
  • Wednesday – repeat from monday
  • Thurs – yoga
  • Friday – repeat from monday
  • Saturday – HIIT
  • Sunday – Off or yoga

This plan isn’t carved in stone quite yet, but the idea is to focus more on doing full body workouts for a greater hormonal kick, and not kill myself in each workout so that I CAN do the same body part 48 hours later, rather than a traditional method where you can’t walk for 2 days after doing legs, but you only do that once a week. I didn’t find that worked well for me.

My point here is to find a method of prep that works for me, and my body so that I don’t hate the process. My philosophy is that if it isn’t fun, I’m not going to do it, and I don’t find suffering through the rubber chicken diet to be fun (nor do I eat chicken). To be honest, I don’t know if this will work for me or not, but I figure it’s worth the try. I’m calling this process “intuitive prep” and I’m really just more intrigued than anything else to see if it can work. Wish me luck and follow along on Instagram where I’ll be showing you what I’m eating during my prep!

Have you ever thought about doing a fitness competition?  Would you?

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday Caren! You look fabulous & hot on that outfit! and congrats on your decision to compete again….I look forward to following your journey during prep. I’m sure you’ll find what works for you. Woot woot!

  2. says

    Happy belated birthday! That’s exciting news – I love that you’re not going the ‘typical’ bodybuilder diet; your approach is much more similar to my own (even the workout split!) so I’ll be fascinated – inspired may be!? – to see how you get on. Best of luck!

  3. says

    Happy belated Birthday! Wishing you nothing but success! Love that you are doing what’s best for your body and not the traditional route! Good luck!

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