{Fat Loss} The best advice you’ll ever hear (and it’s not from me)

I just came across this webinar hosted by Jill Coleman of Jillfit and her husband Jade. Jill is a fitness industry pro, and someone that I admire a great deal. She’s got a solid academic background, years of experience and even more importantly, she’s got the right idea about fat loss that won’t make you crazy.

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Take if from me, someone who has gone through the crazy-making process of loosing fat, and now the non-crazy-making way, there’s a huge difference between the two approaches and one’s going to work for the long haul, while the other will probably leave you on Xanax.

She’s one of my fitness superheros and I deeply admire her work. If you have the time, and the desire to take your body to a “lean-and-healthy-all-the-time” place, then you need to get to know this gal.

This video on metabolic efficiency is an awesome place to start.

Have a great weekend!

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