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There’s so much talk about “balance” these days. Everyone has far too much on their plates, we’re all “super busy” and no one seems to have enough time to do the things they really want to do, once they’ve finished all the things they have to do.

Personally, I think this is bullshit.

If there are things in life we truly want to do, like start a business, run a marathon, loose a few pounds or crochet an afghan, we can do it. There is time. We often just choose not to make that time a priority.

I first learned this idea from a guy I quasi dated when I first moved to the Bay Area in California. Growing up in Toronto, I made a few hours a week here and there to work out, but I would never have called it a big time sucker for me. It didn’t have to be for my personal goals (which were purely aesthetic at the time).

But when I moved to CA and I saw all these type A’s on their bikes, training for Ironmans, I was amazed. The required training for this sort of race is well over 20 hours a week, and these are amateurs that merely do it for fun – when they’re not at their (very demanding) day jobs.

I asked Todd how he managed to work a full time job, train for long distance races and even teach yoga on the side (and still have time to take me out). He just shrugged and said it was all a matter of choice. These were the things that made him happy, so that’s what he built his life around.

It made me think about the things I had built my life around to that point. A lot of it was partying with my friends, dating boys and trying to keep myself looking good (I was still young and single after all). But it also made me realize that I wasn’t focusing on making a better version of myself. I was merely focused on the fun I was having in the moment. Something that wouldn’t pay off in the long run.

That idea changed me. I realized then that I had to take a little more care in deciding what I would accommodate for in my life and in my limited available time. I was ready for a new challenge at the time, so I told Todd that I might also do a half ironman.

He smirked.

He said I probably couldn’t do it.

I did it. (Actually, I smoked it.)

But that’s besides the point.

The point I’m trying to make is that you have to decide at any point in your life, what’s most important to you and what’s worth spending your time on. Right now, I’m launching a business, finishing up my personal training certification and sizing up a few other goals on the horizon. The next 6 months are going to be NUTS, but I’ve got my game plan. I know what’s important and I know what’s NOT important.  Keeping that in check is key.

Example? I’m here in Cabo right now, in my room, writing this blog post. I just finished doing a ton of emails for ProCakes and posting a blog post over there as well. Once I’m done with my list of to-dos, I’ll be heading off to enjoy the sunset over cocktails and dinner.


It’s all about “balance” as they say.

But that’s not what I say….

I say balance is overrated. Pick 3 to 5 things that are more important to you than anything else, and build your life around those things. If others don’t like it, that’s okay.  It’s YOUR life, not theirs.

Eye on the prize 🙂


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  1. Very good post! I feel like i am trying to create more balance but it is true..it’s bullshit. I am just spreading myself too thin and not focusing on the things I really want to do. Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

  2. I’m one of those balance folks, and I’m okay with that. Before I used to be work, work, work and now I’ve balanced in the play, which works out much better in the long run because all work and no play equals bitchy Meghan. I’d love to pursue a different dream, and I will one day soon. I’m just giving the Hubby his shot first. Enjoy Cabo!!

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