This is why I don’t do subscription boxes

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Nothing against them, I’m just clueless.

Recently, Popsugar was generous to send me a complimentary #musthavebox for review.

I LOVE getting stuff in the mail, so I was all over this offer!

The box is super cute, and that excitement of not knowing what’s inside is probably worth the cost of the subscription itself. It’s like Christmas once a month!

Then opening the box was even better. Everything’s all tucked in there nicely and beautifully presented. LOVE IT.

But here’s the thing. I rarely have any use or not to how to use, what comes in the box.

This particular box had:

  • A novel I would never read (I only read non-fiction);
  • A hand cream that was amazing, but well, it’s hand cream;
  • A $15 voucher for Native Union for (very cool) phone accessories I would never buy;
  • The cutes little individually wrapped personal wipes should I ever want to smell like a lemon;
  • Something that I think might be hair ties, but may also be a set of bracelets, I’m not exactly sure;
  • A Turkish towel which I’m not clear whether it’s something you dry yourself with, or wear around your neck as an accessory, or both. I seriously have no idea;
  • Oh and a bag of chips.  Now I could get those in the mail every day 🙂

I think if you’re the type of person that’s an early adopter, or loves trying new and unique things, then you’d probably love something like this, and the subscription model is a fantastic gift idea, but for the most part, this stuff goes right over my head.

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I’ve considered getting the fitness focused boxes, but much of that stuff is sugar loaded and I would never eat it.

I’ve considered signing up for Birch Box, but they tend to send out a ton of nail polish and I outsource that portion of my personal grooming, so I don’t use polish myself.

So sadly, I live a boxless life. Maybe there’s a budding entrepreneur out there that would love to cater to weirdos like me that don’t do sugar, grains, parabins, meat, nail polish or Polish scarves (or was that Turkish towels?) and only wear stretchy pants day after day. I’m not sure there’s enough people out there like me.

Keepin it weird in SoCal.


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    1. You haven’t? That’s so funny! They’re a big rage out here in LA. There’s like a box for every conceivable demographic (including dogs)

  1. I would never do any type of subscription box either … I’m not “don’t do grains/sugar/meat” (I do all of those) but I am SO picky I don’t think I would like anything randomly sent to me. Even some of these bloggers who are sent free goodie boxes from companies and such … back when I was into scrapbooking, I would get such deals, and that was great. But food, clothes, fitnessfads, books … I’m pretty particular!

    1. Oh – meant to mention, I came here from the ThinkingOutLoud link up. Was also going to add here in Utah, there is something called a “Bountiful Basket” that comes loaded with fruits and vegetables. That might work for you (but alas, still not for me!)

  2. This makes me feel a little bit better about the fact that most subscription boxes don’t deliver to Canada. I’d hate to end up with things that I didn’t like, but in all honesty, I have a tendency of getting into ruts and only bothering to try new things if they’re forced on me, so who knows… it might be a good thing! Unless I ended up with cat food like one of the commenters above 😆

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