Depression, Your Gut (and a Nutpods Review)

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Below you will find a review about Nutpods. A new dairy-free creamer that has no sugars or artificial sweeteners added. But I didn’t really think I needed Nutpods, I was just curious about them. And while I still don’t “need” Nutpods, I clearly do need a reset that Nutpods can unexpectedly help with.

Gut Health + Depression

Depression gut health

I watched this video today about healing depression naturally. I would not call myself a “depressed” person, but last week I was feeling really down. To the point where I needed to cut out of work early one day because I was so sad. Now, part of that was most likely PMS related because I got my period the next day, but that’s not normal for me to feel that down before my cycle.

But then I watched this video and thought about the largely inflammatory foods that I’ve been consuming lately, particularly dairy and wheat (and soy). Now, these foods give me minimal digestive upset in the moment, but man – I bet they had a lot to how I felt last week, emotionally.

I have sworn off gluten and dairy time and time again, and yet I fail. Not because it’s something I’m addicted to, but because:

  • they’re pervasive in our lives. Freaking everywhere.
  • they’re not causing me that much immediate digestive upset, so I question if they are the cause of my issues.
  • they’re tasty. Particularly the cream in my coffee and my low carb tortillas. Gawd I love those things!

Now, I don’t know conclusively that dairy and wheat are causing my issues, but there’s only one way to find out. Cut ’em out of my diet and see how I feel.

So I hear by swear off ALL GLUTEN AND DAIRY for no less than 30 days until my next cycle. The worst case scenario is that I find no difference, but I suspect I will feel better.

Of course, I will keep you guys updated. I think this is a problem that I’m not alone with, and if you’ve ever wondered why you might be having depressive spells, this could be an underlying issue.

Meanwhile, here’s the Nutpod review.

review nutpod

I found these creamers through Melissa Hartwig’s Instagram account. I love following her. She’s a total badass and a super fit chick. She’s also the creator of the Whole 30, so she’s made a name for herself in the health and fitness space.

Part of the Whole 30 protocol is to remove dairy (and caffeine and sugar or any kind of sweetener) from the diet for 30 days, so you may not want to even bother with a dairy free unsweetened, decaf coffee, but should you want to go there, this will cream your drink quite nicely.

What I like about Nutpods:

  • No sugar or weird fake sweeteners at all. Nada.
  • They have some pretty yum flavors like hazelnut and french vanilla. Yes, please.
  • They don’t need to be refrigerated until opened, so you can stock up.
  • They come in these cute little containers. I’m serious, how cute is this?

dairy free creamer



dairy free, paleo

What I don’t like about Nutpods:

  • It doesn’t “cream” as well as creamer. It breaks down much like almond milk (because it’s basically just that and coconut cream). Nothing really creams your coffee like real creamer. 🙁
  • They’re pricey little buggers. Three of these little containers are around $14 on Amazon. Now, I’m the type of person that will spend on food, but if that’s not you, move along. There’s nothing to see here.

What do you think about this connection between gut health and depression?  Any experiences to share? 

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