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Problem Solved.

fitness coaching and mentorshipTrust me, I know how it goes… you joined a gym months (or years) ago, with the best intention of getting there at least 3 times a week. How’s that working out for you?

Good? Awesome! If you’re getting your sweat on at the local 24Hour Fitness consistently, then keep doing what you’re doing.

Not so good? Haven’t seen the inside of that big box shaped building in about oh… 6 months now, even though you send the monthly deduction from your bank account and cringe?

That’s okay. I’ve been there. Or, more specifically I’ve signed up for it and never went there, too.
Gyms are not easy to fit into your life.

  • They take time to get there.
  • They take time to find a locker that doesn’t have a rotting sandwich or abandon underwear sitting in it
  • You’ve got to change into your gym clothes (and you always forget something, right?)
  • You’ve got to find your equipment
  • You’ve got to wait for the hairy-backed guy to get off the squat rack
  • You’ve got to avoid eye-contact with the creepy man in pink tights
  • When you’re done, you’ve got to maneuver yourself through the gaggle of old naked ladies in the change room and hope to gawd you don’t see anything that you don’t want to see.
  • Then get all your stuff together, walk back to your car and drive home. The whole ordeal took almost 2 hours including drive time and change room debacle.

No wonder you never go!!!

Here’s what I want you to do – take a deep breath and repeat after me…

“I completely forgive myself for never going to that dream-killer gym that I pay for monthly.”

Then open your eyes, pick up the phone and cancel the membership. Right now. You don’t need it anymore.

Then what?

How would you feel about working out in the comfort of your living room or hotel room while you’re traveling? Would you prefer to workout in your husband’s ratty t-shirt and your hair in a messy bun (not the stylish kind) while your toddler naps in the next room?

You can do this, and no, you don’t need a personal trainer to come to your house, and no, it’s not just you making up a workout on your own.

I’ve partnered with a premier, US-based company that creates the fitness industry’s best home workout programs for people just like you and I that hate the gym. These are not “old lady” workouts. These are workouts for busy men and women who don’t have time for the process I mentioned above. They just want to get fit without having to leave the house.
Even better? Most of the workouts are 30 minutes. BONUS!

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Look, fitness is only doable when it fits into your life. If you try to push yourself to make room for the gym when you just don’t have the time or desire, it will never last. You will eventually lose your will to go there and you know what happens then?

Nothing. Nada. No workouts, no weight loss, no improvement.

Just that automatic membership fee that keeps getting withdrawn from your bank account.

If you are looking to make a change to your current health and fitness, if you need a proverbial kick in the pants and a little attention and gentle push in the right direction, then you are right where you need to be.

I offer support, accountability, nutrition coaching, nutrition-dense superfood smoothies and the at-home workout programs I mentioned above, all in a small, online group format.

The women I work with get great results, and not just with their weight loss goals. They also gain the confidence they need to figure this healthy living thing out. They gain ideas, momentum, inspiration and motivation so they can keep moving forward long after our coaching group has finished.

It’s not just about losing a few pounds, it’s about investing in yourself and making an effort to be more, do more and live better. That’s huge.

Does this sound like something you could benefit from? Do you like the idea of a personal coach, a home/hotel workout program and nutrition support AND accountability?  Better get on my list!

Whether you join one of my coaching groups, or just get my free training and coaching, you’re going to get some eye-opening, actionable info that you can put to work in making your fitness dreams a reality.

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I run these groups periodically and they do fill up fast, so I reach out to my list before I share anything on social media.

Here’s what I know you’re wondering…

How much is it?
Depends on the program we work with, but generally south of $200 and that includes:

  • Nutritional superfood smoothies (enough for a month!)
  • A workout program provided in DVD and Online format
  • My coaching

How long does the program last?
Generally 21 to 30 days depending on the programs we’re working on.

How does the coaching part work?
I work in small groups (to keep the cost down and increase engagement). We use a slick coaching app that you use to record your progress daily. When you don’t log your workouts and nutrition, I hear about it, and so do you! It’s VERY effective.

What if I hate every minute of it?
You won’t. You’ll have moments of frustration because change is hard, but you will love the experience overall. But hey, if you do hate it, the whole thing has a 30-day money-back guarantee. All you can lose are the pounds, my friend.

What kind of results can I expect?
Depends on you, and the program we work on. You can set a goal for 5 to 10lb weight loss and not be disappointed, but that all depends on you, your effort and commitment to the program. My lawyer would also like you to know that results are not typical, but then, neither are you, right? Only unicorns around these parts for miles.

Is it fun?
Have you met me? No, of course, you haven’t, but if you HAVE then you’d know I’m all about the good time. Yes, even losing weight can be humorous at times 🙂

Have I missed anything?
Feel free to reach out anytime. But again, get on my list for now, and I’ll keep you posted when the next group opens.

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