If you and I were having coffee right now… here’s what I’d tell you.

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It’s Sunday, I’m sitting here by the fire (yes, it’s actually a little chilly in LA this morning) and I’m thinking about The Fit Habit. I’m feeling a little bad that I haven’t been around much lately, but that’s by design.

Things are overwhelming in life right now (as I’ve mentioned in the last 6 posts, I know), but it’s important to me that I keep sharing here, if even just once a week. I don’t blog for notoriety (clearly) or even for money (there’s none of that here), but I do blog for connection and expression. I love to express myself in words, and I feel good sharing things that benefit others, if even in some small way.

That’s why my blogs have been more about “how to’s” lately and less about my personal world.

But it’s Sunday, I’m feeling chatty and Jill, Nikki and Lynda have created this sweet virtual coffee date. So I thought I’d join in (since I’m already drinking coffee anyway) and share some insights into my personal life.

Here goes!

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I just had one of the most overwhelming but amazing weeks. I launched my company on Thursday and I was blown away by the support and interest I received from friends, family and people I don’t even know who bought my product. It felt so good to get positive reinforcement, especially when I had massive fears that nobody would want it. You know that fear you have that if you have a party, nobody would show up? It’s like that, only more expensive.


Fear averted. Big deep sigh of relief.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’ve been feeling a little lonesome for my friends lately. I haven’t had time to make social dates with local friends these past few weeks, and I feel disconnected from my good friends in the Bay Area, Toronto and Australia. Distance can be isolating, and while social media has been a big help, I find that Facebook is so frustrating now so I’m not on as much. I have no idea what’s going on with my peeps these days and that makes me kinda sad (I’m in need of some marathon facetime dates).

Fortunately I’ve got a few straight days of hanging out with a dear friend next week who’s goat-sitting (true story).  I will post pictures for sure.

I’d tell you if we were having coffee that I’m LOVING being a part of Marie Forleo’s B-School Program this year. This is a 6-week class she does every year and even though it was outrageously expensive (and typically I would NEVER do this) I put my money where my mouth was and decided to invest in myself. So far, it’s been amazing. Not only have I learned so much about online marketing, I’ve also had a mindset shift about the way I approach my business, and how I spend my time. I’ve also connected with so many amazing women, I can barely keep up. So while I miss my old friends, I’m certainly not missing out on meeting new ones. I’m so glad I did this.

And finally, if we were sitting here having coffee right now, I’d say that even though I’m way in over my head with all these things and I haven’t had a night out with the girls in forever, I have to say I’m so grateful for everything I’m going through right now. It’s a huge learning curve, but I love that. It’s a terrifying ride, but I know I’ll be okay and even though it’s a lonely road, it’s also kinda thrilling.

The good news for the blog is that B-School will end this month and I should be done with my personal training certification in May, so I’ll be dialing things up around here then with some pretty cool new stuff.

How was your week? What would you tell me if we were having coffee right now?

PS – I’d also tell you that I watched Wolfs of Wall Street on Friday night. Um, does anyone else think that movie was totally overrated and that the story would have been better told in half the time??? Holy smokes, what an ass-burner!

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  1. Glad we got to “chat” over coffee! I love meeting so many new bloggers through our ultimate coffee date link up. I also saw Wolf of Wallstreet in the theatre and wanted to walk out half way through. Half the time I didn’t want to look at the screen. Can’t believe that movie got so much good hype. YUCK. Congrats on launching your company!! That is awesome!

  2. I would tell you how impressed I am of everything you are doing! And that I am super excited you are coming to the WOMEN, WINE AND THE WILDEBEEST RETREAT, and….. that I just watched Wolf of Wall Street and was overloaded with the excessive lifestyle. Can’t believe they aren’t all dead. Miss you and can’t wait to see you! xo,jan

  3. Congrats on the launch!! Such an amazing accomplishment. I am sick right now so I couldn’t even taste coffee but I would ask you to describe it to me so I can live vicariously! 😉

  4. I feel that way about Facebook too. I don’t see anything that is going on in my friends lives and I shouldn’t have to subscribe to them to see their posts. I’m so sick of Facebook changing things around and highlighting the pages and posts from the “big guys.” Hope you get your girls night out soon! Cheers!

    1. Yeah, facebook kinda blows now. It makes me sad. I used to love it. The upside is that I’m far more productive now that i’m not checking every 10 mins! lol

  5. “Ass burner”! I’m totally stealing that term! 🙂 If we were having coffee this week, I’d tell you that I’m getting more comfortable eating intuitively….it’s hard to trust myself after having so many rules for so much of my adult life, but I’m getting in the swing of things!

    1. LOL…feel free to take ass-burner.

      Intuitive eating is so important! Trust yourself and your body. It knows what it wants/needs. (tip – just don’t give it sugar. it will want that, but it certainly doesn’t need it). good luck!

  6. I am so excited for you and the launch of ProCakes. Forget being in over your head, you are doing it so that makes you are one impressive woman in my book, and we all know my book rocks. 😉
    If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you I’m tired. I’m tired of living apart from the Hubby, I’m tired of the stress at my job, and I’m tired of my cat being sick. Sorry, that sounds way too depressing, another thing I’m tired of. That being said, I’m excited for Spring, for flowers, for sunshine, for a vacation soon (mental note: must plan vacation), and for my CSA which starts in June.

    1. 🙁 I totally know how you feel. That must be so hard to be disconnected from your hubbie. How much longer is it?
      Hope your cat is doing better!

  7. Hi Caren, I’m catching up on Coffee Date posts. I read about your new venture earlier and have been so excited (and a little envious) for you! I would love to know more about B-School. So happy we met for coffee and a chat 🙂

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