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So, for the last few months (okay, over a year now) I’ve been talking about a company that I’ve been working toward launching. It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here!

My company is called ProCakes. We’re not the first, but in my opinion we’re certainly the highest quality protein pancake mix on the market. We don’t use wheat or oat flour at all, there’s zero added sugar, and protein is the first ingredient on the nutritional label (organic coconut flour is second).

Image by Asya Tabdili
Image by Asya Tabdili

I have worked diligently for over a year now, coming up with a formulation that I was proud to put my name beside. I’ve had to fight my investor to keep things like powdered eggs out of the mix, and go the extra mile to keep the overall mix lower in carbs and higher in protein than originally intended.

I wanted this to be awesome, and in my opinion, it’s there now.

Anyway, the plan is to have the product hit the “cyber shelves” in late spring, and start rolling out to a retail market later this year. I cannot describe in words how amazing and completely frightening this whole experience has been.

And I love it.

But beyond just telling you about my new business, I wanted to share my experience with creating something that absolutely scared the shit out of me. I have questioned my ability to pull this off more times than I care to admit, and the road has not been an easy one. But the value of pushing through hard times has never been lost on me. This has been a time of tremendous growth, not just because I followed through, but because I followed through in spite of some pretty big unforeseen challenges that almost derailed my efforts several times.

This experience has been fun, but it has definitely NOT been smooth sailing.

Never in my life have I ever had so few people return my calls, take me seriously or have no interest in helping me, even when I was more than willing to pay them to do so. Apparently the food industry has seen one too many startup failures and they’ve developed a pretty cynical attitude toward newcomers. All this was taken extremely personally of course, which is lesson #1 in what NOT to do when starting a new business. But given that I’ve been feeling ultra sensitive and insecure about my lack of knowledge and savvy in this industry, my skin hasn’t developed its request degree of thickness yet.

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I share this with you not because I’m looking for a pity party. Certainly there are lots of entrepreneurs that go through much harder times than I did and lived to talk about it, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s one of those times in life when pushing through fear is the only thing you can do to keep the lights on in your heart and on your dreams.

How did I get through it?  I have to say there was a lot of encouraging self-talk, many pep talks from people I love and who’s opinion I respect, guidance from mentors and plenty of detailed to-do lists. In the end, I got it done and the product is now in manufacturing and we’re launching mid April. Seriously, I am still mildly in disbelief that it’s finally here, and it’s time to let the cat out of the proverbial bag ☺  Now that it’s out, I’ll be adding a Fitpreneur section to this blog as you’ll be hearing more about my journey and how I’m launching a business without hopefully loosing my mind!

And now, I’ll pay it forward with my 2-second pep talk for those of you who need it….

Have you ever thought about taking a huge risk in your career or personal life? Something that totally scares the poop out of you? My first reaction is to say GO FOR IT, but I suggest doing so cautiously and with as little risk to your life situation as possible (just in case!). Sure, you might fail, you may face rejection, and yes, you might make an ass out of yourself (I sure have), but a life well lived is worth it and those that poo poo your efforts are typically those that are too afraid to follow their own dreams, so they spend their time judging the efforts of those who do.  So go do what scares you!

PS: I’d love your support as we work to launch ProCakes.  Would you hop over to facebook and Instagram and show me some love?  We’ve got a little blog on our website too!  Your support would mean a lot to me.

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  1. Congratulations! The big reveal day has finally happened. I’m so proud of you because I know you’ve been working on this for so long. I’m also super thrilled to hear you fought to keep powdered eggs out of the mix. Way to stick to your guns. Give yourself two snaps, twirl and a protein pancake.

  2. HI Caren,

    I just came across your article and as a fellow food entrepreneur I can more than understand your journey! I launched an organic baby food company 9 years ago out of farmers market and today have captured 20% of the Canadian baby food market. If you ever need a little guidance or advice my door is open. Your product looks great, is innovative and is clearly a consumer relevant offering- great job!

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