Avoiding the overwhelm of learning something new

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It’s pretty hard not to read other fitness blogs and not be inspired by what others are doing out there every day. Very often it seems like it’s much more than what I get done, especially for those that have big jobs and families to take care of yet still somehow have time to cook awesome meals or train for marathons. It’s that type A tendency I so admire.

I’m not dogging my own progress here. I’ve been up to a LOT of stuff. I’m almost finished my personal training credential and hope to sit for the exam next month. Honestly it can’t be over soon enough as it’s felt like I’m going through med school while launching a business and balancing other projects as well.


But even though I’m not training for any big event or raising non-fury children, I am so proud of the progress I’ve made this year. So far, everything I’ve embarked on in 2014 has been new and unknown to me, which tends to take a lot more brainpower than accomplishing well-known tasks on autopilot.

The hardest part of learning something new is not necessarily the act itself, but the extra energy it takes to make that new behavior, goal or work become part of our natural habit process. For once actions become less new and novel, they become less taxing to do on a daily basis[Tweet “The hardest part of learning something new is the energy it first takes to make it habitual. “]

I look forward to a point where I can say that I have a routine around running my business. Right now it’s just fire hose’s blazing 24/7 and it’s hard to think of anything else.

I can’t wait for the point where all this anatomy, physiology and nutrition information just gels in my head and I don’t have to work quite so hard to wrap my brain around it.

I assume there will be a time when I have mastered online marketing and when writing copy, leveraging SEO tactics and figuring out the best ways to engage customers in social media will be second nature, but as it currently stands, it’s not.

So at this point where everything still seems so new and ominous in task, I have to take a moment to give myself credit for keeping all these new and shiny balls in the air with the hope and expectation that at some point, it will get easier as long as I just stick with it.

Do you find that there are times in life where change or new directions seem exhausting and unnatural?  Very often a commitment to eating better or a new fitness program can seem like this, but like anything else, the more you do it, the more second nature it becomes.

The best way to get through the newness of any task is to remind yourself that eventually it will get easier. Also try not to take on too much at once (as I’ve clearly done), as too much newness is overwhelming and can quickly spiral into failure.

[Tweet “Small incremental change and a long-term attitude wins the game every time.”]

Just keep putting your #bestfoot forward!”

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  1. I feel like this one a regular basis. i feel like i am always taking on new things and having to learn and juggle so much. I think it is great for growth but it is good to give time to let it all be absorbed to.

    1. Yeah, well no sooner did I write that I need to stop picking up shiny new objects that I just went ahead and did that! LOL… I’m insatiable.

  2. What a lovely post; right on point too.
    Isn’t it ironic you give you a nod to your type A blog friend, and her post is her taking a break. Ya know what though, that’s how you do type A without going totally crazy. You take big breaks and moments to soak up the sunshine when you can.
    You have gone through so much in the last year: changing your blog name, your diet, setting huge new goals, launching a product, working on becoming a personal trainer…the list goes on. You’re doing an amazing job, and it will come more naturally as time goes by. Seriously what you have accomplished thus far is remarkable.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Meghan. Perhaps you’d like to have a talk with my own subconscious mind, because it tends to think I’m never doing enough! lol..

      Truth be told, I LOVE everything I do now, so I have no complaints. As long as I’m passionate about the work, it’s not work. It sounds cliche, but it’s true.

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