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If you stick around, you’ll learn how to approach health and fitness with a “can do” attitude.weight loss body image

We’re all about getting in quick workouts and finding the best solutions for good nutrition on the go, because let’s face it – time is precious and no one wants to spend it at a Weight Watchers meeting.

I’m a big supporter of women in mid-life. We’re the ones holding up the fort for everyone else.

We’re raising families, taking care of parents, kids, pets and everyone at work, but rarely do we stop and take the time to think about what we need to keep our own mojo going.

It’s all about putting that oxygen mask on yourself first, and yet, is that what we’re doing? Not really.

So here’s what I cover in depth

Healthy food ideas that you can manage, but more importantly, a food philosophy that you can take with you on the plane, in the car, in the restaurant and at your office. I’m a low(er) carb, higher fat/protein girl and I find that works well for most women in their 30s, 40s and beyond.

In a nutshell, I’m all about no sugars, no grains. Take that mantra with you into your daily life and you will win the weight loss game for ever. If you want to dive deeper into my nutrition philosophy check out my fat loss 101 post.

Workouts are always based on “what you can, when you can”. That doesn’t mean I suggest you dial it in and do them in a half-assed way. Oh no… it’s not worth getting your hair messy if you’re just going to give 50% of your effort. I encourage short (less than 30 minute) workouts that leave you KNOWING you gave it your all. Those are the workouts that build confidence AND muscle. They lean your body and strengthen your spirit.

Again, it’s all about having that “can do” attitude”.

Most importantly, you won’t get anywhere without the right mindset. If you’re not willing to open your mind enough to let new possibilities in, then you’re never going to get past the point you’re currently at. Maybe that’s great, but I suspect you’d like a little more for yourself. A little more confidence, more energy, more love, time, money and spirit. It’s all possible if you’re willing to believe it is, and make small, incremental steps in a direction that makes you feel good.

So stick around my friend. Your life can change if you’re willing to let it.

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