A workout for the uber busy (and a video tour of my home gym)


I must say, I’ve spent a long time on my soap box talking about how important it is to put yourself first and keep your fitness habits a top priority in order to live a healthy life. And although it was well meaning (and I still stand behind my message), after launching my business 4 months ago, I can completely relate with those of you who tell me you just don’t have time.

Now I get it!!

But guess what! You don’t need much time to stay fit. Even if you can only muster 15 or 20 minutes a day, you can do SOMETHING to move your body in a positive way. And why is this important?


It will reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • It will increase serotonin – the happiness hormone
  • It will increase brain power
  • It will keep your fitness habit consistent
  • It will make you feel productive
  • It will keep you focused on what’s important (hint: your health)
  • It will keep you looking hot!

Reason enough?

Then let’s consider what’s reasonable to do if you’re too busy to workout. Obviously, convenience and accessibility are key, so here’s a few ideas from my own fitness regime. I’m a big fan of weight bearing exercise (at least 2 to 3 times per week) as it maintains strong bones and lean muscle mass which is so important, especially for women.

Here’s a quick tour of my “home gym” and a sample workout that I will often do. It truly is a busy girl’s solution for fitting in a little fitness in an overstuffed day.  Down below is my favorite 20 minute home gym workout and a list of where to find the equipment.


I do this circuit in full, going directly from one exercise to the next and take a minute break before starting it again. Generally I do it about 5 times and it takes no more than 25 minutes total.

Warm up

Repeat 2 times:

  • 25 fast squats
  • 25 reverse lunges


  1. 20 weighted squats (hold dumbbells at shoulders)
  2. 20 weighted reverse lunges
  3. 10 wide grip pull ups (I put a foot on a chair for support)
  4. 20 push ups (I’m on my knees for half of it)
  5. 12 overhead presses
  6. 15 jump squats
  7. 10 ab rolls or a 2 minute plank hold (if you don’t have a roller)

Rest and repeat 3 to 5 times.

TIP: If I feel like really getting my heart pumping, I’ll race up and down the stairs once or twice in between sets (and I have 4 flights of stairs in my house!!)

Want to make your own gym?  Sweet!  Here’s a list of my equipment:

So if you’re a busy gal like me, give this a try and let me know what you think.  A home gym is a cheap investment that pays huge dividends and you don’t have to deal with sweaty strangers at the gym :)  If this is too much for you, try going through it once or twice or just start by heading out for a 30 minute walk.  Fitness is all about consistency and sustainability so do what you can, when you can.

Have fun with it!



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    Caren, I am so glad you showed us your home “gym”. I have pretty much the same in my bedroom {only I need to up my weights} and still get a pull up bar. I suck at pullups. Thank you for saying that is not about the gym, but about consistency. I totally agree and I feel so much better after seeing that you maintain a healthy body doing what you do. :)

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