Zella Athletic Wear – The New Lululemon?

zella gray mesh yoga pants

Head’s up, there’s a few affiliate links below, but Zella isn’t paying me for this review (although it would be super awesome if they would!).  I just love this brand so wanted to share my experience with them.  

I first came across Zella brand through a fitness blogger that I follow.  She raved about how well the clothes fit, the quality of the fabric and how much cheaper it was than Lululemon.  This, of course, peeked my interest!

I was hooked from the first pair of leggings I pulled on.  The colors are brilliant and they don’t fade, the fit is flattering (hello, high waisted stretchy pants, where have you been all my adult life?) and the looks are super cute.  Not only do they rival Lululemon, they also have way more styles to chose from.  I’m beginning to think Lulu needs to think beyond their basic Scuba zip ups and cropped leggings.  There’s a whole new world of athleisure wear out there to explore.

Personally, I’m loving the leggings and I own several pairs of them.  I haven’t ventured into the sports bras yet, but the collection is super cute.   But the best part about Zella brand athleisure wear is that I’m pretty sure is exclusively sold at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.  I adore Nordstroms because their customer service is second to none, they’ll take back anything and you can often pick up super cute leggings on sales for around $35.
zella leggings
                                                                      Perfect for running at night!

Zella Sizing

In my own experience, they tend to under index on sizes, so if you’re typically small, you might want to size up a bit.  I’m generally small in leggings, but the pair above were almost a little too tight for me.  I wish I had of ordered a medium, but honestly, I didn’t want to wait that long to return them. I have zero patience when it comes to online shopping.  I’ve also purchased the little zip jacket above in a small, and that had to go back as well because it was just a wee bit too snug, so definitely size up if you’re buying something fitted.

Zella Fabric Quality

The one thing you won’t have to worry about with Zella leggings is exposing too much in a downward dog.  I love that the fabric is thick enough that it’s not seethrough.  That said, it’s super breathable, so if it’s windy out, you will feel it.  These pants are ideal for keeping you cool while running or doing hot yoga, but walking the dogs on a cold winter’s morning?  Not so much.


coral leggings
                                             Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with the coral shade?


Have you tried Zella brand athleisure wear yet?  

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