Gift Ideas for the Time-starved Woman

gift guide for women with no time

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With the mired of gift-guides floating about the internet right now, there’s no shortage of ideas for Christmas presents for every person on your list.  But as a natural problem-solver, I like to look at gifts as more than just a message of “I care about you enough to buy you this thing”.  I want my gifts to say “I see you struggling in this area of life and I love you so much I want to help.”

So if you have a time and energy-starved woman in your life (and I know you do, because you’re most likely one of them), then I have a few ideas for how you can help them optimize the time they do have, so that it’s well invested in restoring and replenishing themselves.

Gift Ideas for the Time-starved woman

Gifts to Support Awesome Sleep

My Pillow – I bought this at the recommendation of a friend and I LOVE it.  It forms to whatever level of fluff and support you desire.
Eye mask – helps to block out light so you can sleep longer!
Melatonin – induces sleep naturally with zero grogginess when you wake up.  I swear by this stuff.
Magnesium – calms nerves, supports healthy sleep habits and apparently helps with chocolate cravings, although I’m not sure about that.
Silk PJs – because no one needs to be woken up because their cotton PJ’s are bunched up around their waist.

White Noise Machine – when my husband is out of town and I lay awake listening to everything that goes bump in the night – this works WONDERS!

{Idea:  Make a sleep gift basket that includes the melatonin, magnesium, eye mask, and pillow.  Maybe add a pair of cute slippers or a silk pillowcase (helps maintain hairstyles when you sleep and apparently reduces face wrinkles)  I would LOVE a themed gift like that!}

Gifts for Chilling Out

Wooly socks – These are equal parts adorable and affordable
Sweatshirt – a soft sweatshirt that’s equally cute and comfy is a beautiful thing.

Soft faux fur blanket – great for snuggling, but also looks gorgeous on the couch.

Gifts That Motivate Fitness

Wahoo Heart rate monitor – fitness tracking is critical!  This is a must have
Anything Zella – affordable and yet super cute workout wear.
No slip socks – if your gal loves barre classes, she will love this.
BOD – this is a one-year membership to the largest online library of awesome workouts.
BOD + Me – order the one-year membership to the workout library, with nutrition support, accountability and coaching with me.
Alta Fitbit – incredibly motivating for getting more steps in a day and this is the prettiest model they make.
Pink Kettlebell – nothing says I love and respect your obsession for pink, quite like this.
TRX – for the space-starved, this is a great piece of fitness equipment that has all kinds of free workouts on Youtube.

Workout bands – perfect for staying fit on the road!

Gifts That Nourish

Thrive Market – beats spending half a morning fighting for parking at Whole Foods.
AmazonFresh – ditch grocery shopping, period.

Shakeology – replace one meal a day with a superfood smoothie (this is NOT a diet shake).

Time-Saving Home Device Gifts

Amazon’s Echo Dot – Because we all need something to shout orders at.
Roomba – the little vacuum that you can schedule to go off while you’re out of the house. Perfect for entertaining pets while cleaning cat hair at the same time.
Instant Pot – everyone seems to be obsessing about this thing as you can make meals in less than 20 minutes.
Air Fryer – I opted to buy myself this because, well… crispy guilt-free fries.
These are just a few ideas that can add value to a busy, time-starved life.  I also like the idea of a gift certificate for a cleaning service (if they don’t already have one).  Things I find aren’t helpful are gym memberships, spa gift certificates or anything that requires additional time on the calendar.  Unless it’s something they already do (like get their nails done), it just feels like another obligation they need to fulfill.

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  1. I love this post and the list of ideas you have put together here. The best kid of gift to get anyone is one that is really practical and thoughtful, which helps the receiver be a happier person. The range of ideas you have included here are great and it’s given me some really good ideas for a few people.

    1. Nicole, I completely agree – thoughtful gifts are the best. It’s something I struggle with mind you, as I always worry if someone is going to hate what I think is a thoughtful gift!! LOL… a weird anxiety I have every year 🙂

  2. This is brilliant! Wow. Very comprehensive and I hadn’t even thought about these kinds of products until now – but some of these are going on my Christmas list!

  3. I have a friend who is into essential oils and I think it is also a nice gift for a time-starved woman. Personally, I want a fitbit to track my activity.

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