You can’t sweat your way out of a bad diet

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I once spent 4 months of 20 hours a week training for a half ironman, and at the end of the day, I still had a wee bit o’ pudge around the middle. Why? Because 20+ hours of weekly cardio will make a girl very very “hangry”. And unfortunately, no amount of hill climbs or distance runs will erase the 463 burritos I consumed over that period.

Here’s what you need to know…. Physical exercise is great, but it’s only going impact about 25% of your fat loss effort. Unless you’re addressing your food intake, you’re not going to see significant results because you simply can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Diet first, sweat second. That is your mantra.

how fitness helps you lose weight

So what’s the best exercise to maximize that 25% effort? 

It depends.  Cardio can have a beneficial impact on fat loss, but it’s not everything. Lean muscle mass improves metabolic rate, so weightlifting is a critical element to your fat loss success (as well as improving posture, bone density and the perkiness of your butt cheeks).

But, a good strength training plan based on body weight only, can also do the trick if you’re just not a fan of picking up heavy pieces of metal in a gym. Try power yoga or some P90X3 if you’re looking for some effective body weight routines.  If you’re super adventurous, try True Strength Evolution.  It’s sure to humble you (and it’s free).

The thing is, if you pick a physical activity that you hate, you will have a hard time being consistent or you’ll be miserable trying. Better to do something you love, or can at least learn to love and do it consistently.

Do what you most enjoy doing 3 times a week at least. Do even more if you can, but don’t do less. But most importantly, accept that whatever you do will be for nothing if you’re feeding yourself bad food, or even too much good food.

Diet first, sweat second.

Get after it!

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  1. I am with you on these crazy runners, yet I find it mildly appealing and even, dare I say it, tolerable.

    I can only imagine mammograms as equally violating. I remember the first time they did the HPV test because you’re over thirty now, and I found that offensive. Speaking of age, I ‘m always trying to make things a bit tighter and need to do some more weight lifting and less running but we’ll see how that goes. Maybe I need to meditate my way to tight skin. I would try that. 😉

    Come link up my dear.

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