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  • Have we met yet?  Here’s a little about me. I’d love to hear about you, too.

I’m 48 years old
I’m in better shape than I was at 28 (or even 38)
I’ve been married to an awesome guy for 10 years now!
This is not my first kick at the marriage can 🙂
We have two rescue dogs - a pug and a Chihuahua mix (I adore them)
I measure my success in the amount of days I wear flip flops
I’m most at home in casual clothes #leggingsarepants
With the exception of leggings, I practice minimalism to control anxiety
It works!
Since I was a teen I’ve always wanted hair like Nikki Newman (#youngandtherestless)
My hair is super wimpy, so I’m living the dream in #hairextensions (expensive and worth it)
I’ve been blogging since 2007 and I still love it, although it’s changed a lot
I was born and raised north of Toronto in a small suburb that is no longer small #richmondhill
I moved to California for a job in 2006 and never looked back
I love being Canadian, but I can’t stand being cold.  It’s hard to be one without the other.
The things I miss most about 🇨🇦 are the people, ketchup chips & the lack of divisive politics
I have a masters degree in behavior change and I use it in my day job & side hustle
Day job = change management
Side hustle = blogging & fitness coaching
I love wine & pickles (not together)
Leo Sayer is my second cousin once removed

Does any of my randoms resonate???? How are we the same or different? 📷 by @callme_christine
  • 😂 wise words my friends!  Stay hydrated to avoid negative nellies 🤗 #aintgottimeforthat
  • I’ve been testing this eggplant + tomato stew recipe for weeks now, but I don’t like to post recipes until they’re “fully baked” (pun intended). It will be up on the blog shortly 🤟
  • In case you ever thought clean, #lowcarb wats could ever possibly be boring... #thinkagain. 👌🍷😘
  • Someone told me they didn’t see the connection between mindset and fitness🤔. Here’s the thing -> thoughts drive behaviors and behaviors drive results.  That’s the truth. .
If you start putting a little intention behind your thoughts you will see how it starts to influence your behaviors.  Over time those behaviors will evolve into sustainable habits, and that my friends, is how a healthy, vibrant lifestyle comes to be🤗🤗🤗 #thoughtsbecomethings #changemymind #changeyourlife #changeyourperception #thinkdifferently #thinkfit #thinkhealthy #thinkhealthythoughts #thinkyourselfhappy #believeinyourself #selflove #youdeservebetter

Photo by @callme_christine
  • I was just chatting with my friend about the fear of judgement holding me back.  It’s some seriously heavy-duty baggage!  Anyone relate?
  • The question I get asked more often than not is how I stay consistent with my workouts 💪 (5 to 6 days per week) 💪. Today on the blog I'm sharing how I've managed to maintain this habit for over 20 years!  PS - I don't love working out, so it doesn't come naturally to me ☝️ https://buff.ly/2CYH9SI
  • Life tends to lead us on journeys we sometimes would never choose ourselves. This is very true for me right now, but I’m learning to not be afraid of the unknown or doubt myself. .
There are lessons buried in every journey, both positive and negative.  The negative ones tend not to reveal their beauty until long after the dust has settled, but trust that it's always there. ❤️
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