My Athleisurewear Black Friday Shopping List! Yay Leggings!

fitness clothes

Did you guys have fun yesterday?  As promised guys, this is my shopping list for Black Friday.  It’s all athleisurewear (because outside of the office, that’s all I wear) and it’s the brands that I’ve had some experience with and love the most.  Also note, these aren’t affiliate links.  They’re just straight up, my pics for […]

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What’s in my make up bag?

make up in your 40's

Hey Guys! Okay, you know I love food and fitness, but here’s the thing – I could talk lipgloss and self-tanner until my face falls off.  I LOVE makeup.  You? I never used to be that into cosmetics.  They felt a little shallow and wasteful to me, but as I’ve aged I’ve realized how indispensable […]

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7 Things I Simply Can’t Live Without.

After a recent road trip up the coast with limited space and 10 days to pack for, I was forced to really appreciate what it is I can live with, and without. Not surprising, there are not that many things that are absolutes. I can totally relate to the whole minimalism concept (particularly when I venture […]

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This is why I don’t do subscription boxes

Nothing against them, I’m just clueless. Recently, Popsugar was generous to send me a complimentary #musthavebox for review. I LOVE getting stuff in the mail, so I was all over this offer! The box is super cute, and that excitement of not knowing what’s inside is probably worth the cost of the subscription itself. It’s […]

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