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  • This quote really resonated with me, especially with my work as a fitness coach. I often encounter women who say that they can't get fit because it's not who they are. The problem is that, they've never given themselves the chance to grow into that identity. 
Personally, I was the least athletic person I knew growing up. I had a weight problem, but more importantly, I had a mindset problem. I couldn't see myself being strong, active and healthy and so instead I smoked and ate fast food. 
Fortunately, I came to a point where I didn't want to be that person anymore, so I changed course, but it started with my attitude, not my habits. 
Think about how this relates to your own self-belief. Are you giving yourself a solid chance to be fit and healthy? If you're not, perhaps it's time for a course correct.
  • Question - What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?  I'll go first: - I'd pitch my memoir (that's 80% written) to an agent. - I'd burn all my career boats and focus only on my blog and wellness coaching
- Maybe (just maybe) do another fitness competition. 
Your turn!
  • Stand tall my friend.  You are the only person in the world who can be as you are 💝 #selfloveisthebestlove
  • I don’t often eat #carbs, but when I do, it’s #glutenfree avocado 🥑 toast with @traderjoes #everythingbutthebagel seasoning. 👌#zeroguilt
  • Curious... what have you done to invest in yourself lately?  What do you consider a worthy investment that has paid itself back in spades?  For me, that has to be education and training.  Hands down I'm a better person for it.
  • I used to start dreading Monday on Saturday at 6pm.  It would suck the life out of the rest of my weekend.

It’s about 8:15am on Monday morning as I post this and I’m still in bed.  So far I’ve journaled, meditated and planned my day.  Oh, and loved on my dogs of course 😉. Life doesn’t have to be a template of what everyone else is doing. You can chose something different. 💕 
Happy Monday!
  • What could I possibly add to this? ❤️💕
  • 10 years ago I went to yoga school in India in search of my true self and my passion.  Turns out, I wasn’t there...nor was my passion.  But I did learn an import lesson about life from one of my yoga teachers. 
He told me to just do more of what I enjoy and less of what I don’t like to do.  At the time I poo-pooed that idea because I thought it was overly simplistic. 
Turns out he was right and I was wrong.  Life is pretty simple when you learn to get the hell out of your own way❤️
  • I have no idea what I'm doing wrong 😂

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