The Best of Fitness, Personal Development & Wealth Building Podcasts in 2017

Best personal development, fitness and personal finance podcasts 2017

I’m obsessed with podcasts. Have been for years. I first started listening to Kimberly Wilson back in 2008(ish) when I longed to escape my cubicle job for a creative career in entrepreneurship. I still listen to her to this day, along with a TON of other great podcasters. These are my daily/weekly go-to’s. They help […]

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A Psychological Tip That Will Help With Self Control & Eating

carbs and fat loss

A behavioral pre-decision is a mental commitment that happens without the investment of thought. It can pertain to any area of life – career, finances, social… but as you can probably guess, I’m going to talk about how it pertains to health and fitness. I make pre-decisions every day that keeps me lean and fit, […]

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