A Psychological Tip That Will Help With Self Control & Eating

carbs and fat loss

A behavioral pre-decision is a mental commitment that happens without the investment of thought. It can pertain to any area of life – career, finances, social… but as you can probably guess, I’m going to talk about how it pertains to health and fitness. I make pre-decisions every day that keeps me lean and fit, […]

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Your Addiction to Stress is Making You Fat

stress addiction

Very often my clients who struggle with weight, particularly belly fat, are actually suffering from over-stressing rather than overeating.  Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Psychological stress is associated with greater risk for depression, heart disease and infectious diseases. Until now, it has not been clear exactly how stress influences disease and health.  […]

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Your Internal Narrative Determines Who You Are – Create Your Story With Care.

I listened to a short video today that talked about how our personal narrative determines how we evolve and who we become as people. It’s also a frighteningly accurate measure of how successful you’re going to be at pretty much anything, including: Career Romance Health and fitness Finances I actually did my master’s thesis on […]

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