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  • Just back from our #newmexico adventure.  Wow, what an amazing landscape and the FOOD!! We didn’t have a single disappointing meal and aside from one one kinda drizzly day, we had perfect weather.

Highly recommend the trip if you’re looking for a good mix of outdoor adventure and culture.  Oh, and good food of course 😋
  • Pretty much!!!
  • Gosh I needed these few days of #r&r in #newmexico.  That said, I’m also ready to get back to life and my #rescuepups!  Miss theme sooo much!
  • After a LONG drive to Taos, we walked about 15 minutes, grabbed a quick lunch and headed back toward #santafe for dinner and a stroll.  If you’re not into little art galleries you may not see the value in Taos, but #newmexico sure is pretty.
  • We decided to explore a new place we’ve never been to before where we can enjoy a little 🌞 fun + fitness. 
We landed at a pretty #hippiedippie spa and resort out in the middle of the  #newmexico 🌵. This is not what I would typically do for #vaykay, but it’s fun to mix things up now and again. 
I’ll let you know how our little wellness adventure goes!
  • This is my reality.  I have more leggings than anything else in my closet.  Am I alone in my obsession?
  • Sounds trite, but in light of two very sad and public suicides, it's a good reminder to makes decisions based on what makes you happy.  Nothing else matters because life is too short and precious to live for anyone else's agenda.
  • The difference is palpable.  #Dietingsucks
  • Yes!

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