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  • What do you guys think of high-waisted bikinis?  It took me a minute to get onboard with #highwaistedleggings but now bathing suits?  Not sure 🤔. You?
  • Happy 🌏 day guys!  Get outside and enjoy this amazing planet we live on. ❤️💕✨😘
  • Oh man, I’m so ready for summer.  Happy earth day everyone! PS these colors are magic. 🌏 
#nofilterneeded #earthday
  • So, this morning I had a minor meltdown.  Just way to much stuff on my plate and it got the better of me.
For me, anxiety about doing it all or even “living my best life” can be debilitating. And trust me, the irony of that statement isn’t lost on me. .
Anyway, I have a few daily practices that help me manage stress and anxiety (naturally). It’s up on the blog now if you want to check it out.
But if you’re struggling in the moment, the best thing you can do is head outside for a walk.  The movement will help you process what’s bothering you and it always leaves you feeling better. .
Given that it’s #earthday tomorrow, I’m giving you a little nudge to get out there.  I did this afternoon and it turned my minor meltdown into some creative inspiration.
Thx to @lasportivana and @noosayoghurt their support and sponsorship!  #noosasportiva #earthday18
  • My current situation...
#fitproblems #fitlifeproblems #dirtyhairdontcare
  • I got this little bedazzled jewel back in 2011 on a girl’s trip to Bali.  I loved that experience not just because I went with amazing women, but also because I met more amazing women on that trip!  The owner of the retreat was such a doll.  I’ve been meaning to do a review of all the yoga retreats I’ve been on, but @escapehaven was definitely up there as a memorable experience.  So was the @tranquilitydujour retreat in Costa Rica. 
Have you ever been on a yoga retreat?  Would love some recommendations!
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  • Your hips are like the Home Depot of stored emotion.  As you work to increase hip flexibility, not only will you decrease chance of lower back pain, but you may also resolve past hurts.  #twoforthepriceofone #pigeonpose #hipopener #yogaeverydamnday
  • In case you didn’t know, I have a PhD in leggings 😏
  • Lol 😂 I laugh because I see this so clearly in myself, but it’s also a stark reminder that I have work to do. ❤️
It’s a useful to remember that we all have  fear and self doubt, but that said, no one really knows what they’re doing.  We’re all just making it up as we go along ....and that’s ok. ❤️

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