Your body will tell you what kind of workout it needs (if you listen).

auto regulation workouts

I just started a new job a few weeks ago. It’s a big step up for me and the learning curve is HUGE. Needless to say, my stress levels are elevated as I try to navigate this new company and understand my role and team dynamics.  I come home exhausted every night. I know it […]

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Which Online Fitness Program is Best for Weight Loss?

Best Beachbody program for weight loss

Head’s up, there may be affiliate links ahead, which means if you click on something, I might get a small residual payment for introducing the product to you.  There is never an additional cost to you, and I want you to know, if you do use these links, you are a very fine person with […]

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How to Make a Home Gym and Retire Early

home workouts

Okay, sounds like a weird combo, but stick with me. I’ve got a new obsession and I need to share it with you. This guy (a handsome fellow Canadian who now lives in CO) retired at the ripe age of 30 and has been going strong for about 10 years now. He’s got a cult-like […]

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7 Fitness Inspired Gift Ideas Under $100

fitness gifts under $100

You know, as much as I loved pulling this list together for you guys (because who doesn’t love online shopping?) I have to say it’s super dangerous for me. I’ve already bought three things off this list (2 more sleeps until the cute leggings arrive!) and I don’t need any more stuff. Okay, maybe leggings. […]

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What you need to know BEFORE you go to your first hot yoga class.

I’m writing this because I really wish someone would have written this for me before I went to my first yoga class.  But, because I went ill prepared and completely naive to the truth about how e’ffing hot a hot yoga class actually is, I just suffered through the 90 minute experience in my long sleeve shirt […]

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