To see success, you’ve got to measure it.

measuring success

Hey, guys!!  How goes your January and all the goals you set out for yourself earlier this month?

I think now that we’re getting to the end of the  first month in 2017, it’s a good time to sit back and ask yourself

  1. have I actually done anything about the goals I set for myself
  2. how am I tracking progress?

Because as you know – what gets measured, grows.  What gets ignored, doesn’t.

I have a really happy example I’d like to share with you from my own results this month.

I came back from Costa Rica bloated, but happy.  I have a general rule that while on vaykay I let myself eat and drink with a little more freedom because I know once I’m back in my routine, I’ll settle back into my good habits (80/20, but not perfect).  So when my accountability group started earlier this month, my goal was to lose a little of the “fluff” I had gained while traveling.  No biggie.

Now, when I’m running these groups, I’m in the trenches with my participants, working out and dialing in my food right along with them.  I try to be a good role model and do all the things I’m asking of my participants, like taking measurements, weighing myself and doing progress shots.  Well, this month, I didn’t think I had made much progress in my first 3 weeks.  Not a big deal, but I have been very diligent with my workouts, so I was hoping for some progress, but when I woke up this morning, the last day of my group, and I weighed myself, I was actually 3lb heavier than when we started.

Honestly, I wasn’t too upset about it because I had been out the night before, ate a ton of carbs, and I was probably just retaining water.

But then I took my progress shot and put it against my first image of the year.

weight loss tracking

Um, WOW!!  I had actually come much farther than I thought I had!

Now granted, I am sporting a nice spray tan in the “after” pic, which always makes you look leaner, but there’s no mistaking that I’ve made progress, even after a night of wining and dining. 

I have to say, that seeing these results is such a motivator for me.  Now that I’m visually seeing the difference in my shape, I’m inspired to go harder, keep at it and see what the next few weeks will bring.

I share this with you because I know it can be frustrating when you’re not seeing the scale budge, but really, it’s not a great indicator of progress.  I urge you to take measurements, progress pics AND jump on the scale once a week.  Just like your investment portfolio, performance and results are not linear.  It’s two steps forward and 3 steps back sometimes, but over time, the slow and steady progress will win out.

Here’s a simple tracker you can use to manage your progress.  You don’t have to do a weekly check in if that feels like too much, but at the very least, do it monthly.  Biweekly is even better.

Remember, that what gets measured, grows. 

Now go grow!

xo caren

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