Do you have to workout to lose weight?

Okay, I know you’re wondering about this.  You may even be curious about the best exercises for a flatter tummy or leaner thighs.

Hate to burst your curiosity bubble, but fitness doesn’t work that way.  There are two things exercise does to the body’s appearance (not talking health benefits yet):

  • Reduces body fat – and you have no control over where it comes off first.  Everyone is different.
  • Increases muscle mass – you have FULL control over what muscle areas you build.

With this said, you need a mix of cardio (for the fat loss) and strength (for the muscle development).  Oh, and before you poo-poo muscle development, consider which physique is more your speed:

This…..(zero muscle)

Or this….(lots of muscle)

I thought so.

Also, note that muscle burns calories at 3 times the rate as fat does, so yeah….

  • muscle = good  
  • Skinny fat = soon-to-be-much-fatter.

But that’s just the visual benefits of fitness.  Sure, you’ll have a smokin body, but what else?

  • How about not being on any meds?
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and cancer (that’s my jam, right there)
  • Playing with your kids without getting winded
  • Increased enjoyment of life and decreased risk of depression
  • Improved confidence and badassary
  • Way more energy
  • Way better sleep – omg, please don’t get me started on this again, okay?
  • And of course – making all your friends jealous.  Yes, we’re going there.

Fitness is critical to a healthy body and a healthy mind.  And you know what that mix gives you?  A freakin awesome life and the ability to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Disclaimer – being fit doesn’t mean you won’t have crappy things happen to you, it just means you’ll be able to COPE with them like a rock star would.

Hate to workout? Yep, me too.  OMG, I hate it.  It’s a pain in the ass, my hair is a mess after, and I don’t like being uncomfortable.  Not for a second. But I still do it 6 times per week.

How? Why?

Because I LOVE the way a workout feels once it’s done, FAR MORE than I hate the feeling of working out.  I also intentionally look for workouts that I will hate the least, and that are short (30 minutes or less, always) and that I can do at home because I don’t do public gyms because they are gross.

Anyway, my point is, if you want to totally transform your body (and life, because they’re pretty intertwined), then find a workout you can tolerate.

Nope, it’s not impossible and I can help you find it.  Comment below or email me and tell me what workout would you hate the least:

  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Lifting weights (doesn’t have to be at a gym)
  • Aerobics style classes
  • Dance/hip-hop classes
  • A mix of the above

I bet I can find you something that you kinda sorta don’t hate so much that you’ll actually do it.  Religiously.

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xo caren

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