The Only Home Gym Equipment You Need + Quick Upper Body Workout

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Time and motivation are two of the biggest roadblocks that prevent my clients from getting to a gym on the regular. There seems to be this conception that fitness can only happen in the confines of a big box gym which is completely untrue.

A well rounded fitness practice is doable in a spare room, garage or a corner of your bedroom. It doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a lot of space.

home gymMy own home gym consists of just a few core pieces, and while I do have a gym membership, I rarely go because to be honest, I don’t love the atmosphere of gyms. I find there’s generally always someone there doing something ridiculous that spoils the vibe, and getting to and from often takes too much time.

So here’s my basic equipment list for a simple at-home gym. I’ve also included an upper body workout that can be done with everything you see here. If you like that workout, I’ve got a lower body/glute routine I’m happy to share, so just send me a quick email and I’ll shoot it over to you.

Click here to download the Quick Upper Body Workout you can do from home.

The basics
10lb dumbells (pair)
15lb dumbells (pair)
20lb dumbells (pair)
Workout bands  (a set that includes light, medium and heavy resistance)
Sliders  (omg, these are the BOMB)
Yoga Mat (cheap mats suck, so spend a little to get one that won’t disintegrate)

Not necessary, but fun to have
TRX System that can fit in any door (doesn’t require a drill or hammer, thank God)
Bosu Ball (great alternative to a workout bench and just fun to do bounce work on!)

Question for you – Are you a die-hard gym goer, or can you workout at home?  I didn’t think I would be able to do the at-home gym thing, but it’s actually helped me be more consistant with my workouts.  I just wish I had more natural light in my spare room!

my home gym

xo caren

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  1. I’ve tried working out at home, but I find that I have a much more effective and efficient workout when I’m at the gym. The problem is I just have to get there. The motivation is lacking, especially since I used to be on a team and now trying to go to the gym solo is very hard! But I keep trying – and I’m taking the babiest of steps, but that’s better than no steps at all!

    1. Marisa, sliders are great for lower and upper body workouts. Beachbody has a few workouts that use them (Piyo), but you could probably find workouts on youtube as well. They are AWESOME for the core!

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