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how to be a fitness coach online

Become a Fitness Mentor/Coach

Join a team that mentors people looking to workout, improve their fitness and lose weight. Some of us are professional trainers, some of us are fitness enthusiasts, and some of us are just inspired to lead, motivate and create a lifestyle business. A mentor’s job is to bring people together who have the same goal (getting fit), and provide them with a supportive community where they can get encouragement from each other and you! Whether you’re at the start of your fitness journey or you’re a fit-pro with abs of steel, there are always people 2 steps behind you, that could use your help, guidance, and support on their own journey.

Everything you need to get started is provided for you. Your job as a mentor is to take your community off the couch and into a workout program and congratulate them up the wazoo when they reach their fitness goals.

Mentorship and support is the third leg of the weight loss and transformation stool. Fitness and nutrition are, of course, the other two legs.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be that third leg of the stool? Then you should totally do this!

This is such a simple, easy-to-follow business, that truly gives you the opportunity to make of it whatever you want. Especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, there is no better way to get your feet wet in building a business, and the free social media training makes it a no-brainer! As someone who has started two businesses prior to this one, I can assure you, you’re by-passing a mountain of work, expenses, and drama by not having to pay for product production, insurance, web development, staff, marketing, inventory…. (this list could go on for three days).

If you’re interested in being a part of this, that’s awesome!!!  Next step would be for me to get to know a little bit more about you!  Just fill out the short questionnaire below.  This gives me a little more background on you so we can get you started on the right foot.

If you want more info on the day-to-day experience of being a coach, get a sneak peek into what I do right here or check out my podcast on coaching.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this yet, but I’m thinking you’re going to love this.

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