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  • #Ontheblog today I'm sharing some fit and healthy inspo from around the interwebs, like @jennakutcher 's awesome message about loving yourself just as you are or the @thewildwong 's worksheet that will help you get through an episode of panic, no matter how big or small.  Total genius.  Go check it out!

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  • Discipline is not something the best of us are born with and the rest of us live without.

Bottom line, this is the kind of work that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.  It’s not about working extra hard to be perfect.  Forget that. It’s BS anyway.  It’s about being intentional and mindful of your weaknesses then actually doing something to address them, rather than white-knuckling a change or berating yourself for not changing.

This is very doable stuff.  You just have to have to put your attention on it.
  • You know what’s funny? I’ve been writing about health and fitness for 11 years now and yet this is pretty much everything you need to know.  #wellness is the result of building a few simple habits.  There’s no magic bullets, special coffees, potions or workouts that will supersede the fundamentals - eat well, move daily and prioritize sleep.  That’s pretty much it.
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  • There’s something about simple food that makes me want to slow down and savor.  Last night was a mix of salmon, fresh peas, roasted Brussels sprouts and a few onion chips.  Monday night perfection. 💕👌🤗
  • Habits are the things we do without too much thought or effort - good or bad.  To make better habits, it requires a little intentional effort to make a new behavior feel automatic.  The more drastic and uncomfortable the change, the harder it is to make something habitual. .

My best advice for anyone trying to create healthier habits us to start small and make changes incrementally. Give yourself time and confidence to create better habits by creating small changes and you won’t fail. .

The smaller the change the greater your chance of success will be.

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  • My life mantra.  No joke.  #leggingsarepants
  • Only 30 more sleeps until Tahoe.  I'm soooo looking forward to getting away.  I've only been to tahoe a few times - once in the winter, and never again!! The summers are amazing though!  The lake is surrounded by these crazy gorgeous mountains.  It's a place like no other.  Can't wait to get there!
  • So, I just started a new consulting gig at a really cool tech company in San Francisco (that you all know and probably use). One of the awesome perks of working there is free lunches and breakfasts.  And let me tell you how much I swoon over their amazing salad bar that rivals the Ponderosa all-you-can-eat salad bar I used to love so dearly.  RIP #Ponderosasteakhouse <3
  • So this is pretty much 100% my fashion strategy.  Anyone relate?

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