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  • This carrot 🥕 ginger and roasted red pepper soup is ridiculous!  Search for the recipe on the blog 👌
  • Love this guy.  Marrying someone who gets me and supports me has been one of the main sources of happiness in my life.  And for him?  Well, #happywifehappylife right?  #winwin
  • Very often, the joy is in the struggle... If you look back at your life, you might find that the things that were the hardest for you to conquer were actually the things you're most proud of.  For me, in terms of physical goals, I'm most proud of: 
1) losing 80lbs (and keeping it off)
2) competing in a half ironman (this was SO hard)
3) competing in a fitness competition (the hardest athletic goal I've ever reached)

In all of these endeavors, even though the path was incredibly challenging at times, I stuck with it and reached the goal I was aiming for.  I so badly wanted to quit each time, but I didn't.  Today, I look back at that struggle fondly because it reminds me that I have grit. 
As you look at this time in your life right now and the goal you've set for yourself this month, think about the struggles you're encountering around food choices and workouts and know that every time you don't give up on yourself, you're building a new mental muscle, but also a moment in time that you can look back on with pride. 
Never underestimate the power of struggle.  It can change the way you see yourself and your beliefs about what's possible.
  • Loving this focus on veggies!  Even though I eat pretty clean, I’ve been getting lazy with my fibrous veggie intake and it shows. .
No matter how far along your are in your health journey, you always need those little reminders to focus on the basics.  #veggiesmost #veggiesateverymeal
  • Nothing of great value was created over night.  A little effort invested every day will get you where you want to go far more effectively than massive but sporadic action.
  • Your success won't be determined by what you do when things are easy. It will be determined by the behaviors you already have set in place when times get tough.
  • ⠀
The struggle is so real! 😂 LOL #ilovefoodtoomuch #fitfoodies
  • Building the habit of living a fit life is buying a lottery ticket with a 120% chance of winning.
  • living my best life in stretchy pants....

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