7 Fitness Inspired Gift Ideas Under $100

fitness gifts under $100

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You know, as much as I loved pulling this list together for you guys (because who doesn’t love online shopping?) I have to say it’s super dangerous for me. I’ve already bought three things off this list (2 more sleeps until the cute leggings arrive!) and I don’t need any more stuff. Okay, maybe leggings. I will always have a need/want for leggings.

So here’s a great list of stuff that you can either ask for, or give to someone else. I have some of these things already, like the knock off TRX system which is just as good as the real thing IMHO. I’ve also got the 21 Day Fix workout and it’s by far the most universally ass-kicking, workout you can do in 30 minutes. I also have a Manduka yoga mat which makes all other yoga mats inferior. I love Puma workout socks as they are the only ones that don’t end up bunched around your toes, 3 minutes into your workout (hate that). And those leg warmers!!!! They make all your capri and knee length leggings completely appropriate for winter. That’s brilliant, right?

Speaking of online shopping, does anyone do the mall thing anymore? I seriously can’t recall the last time I was in a mall, but I’m pretty sure I swore up and down that I’d never step foot in one again. Walking into a store and looking at racks of clothes gives me decision anxiety. I’d far rather see clothes on a webpage, in the context of an outfit since I can barely dress myself as it is. And don’t even get me started on parking lots. #idie

fitness gifts under $100

  1. Cucumber Infuser – How cute is this??
  2. Sweaty Bands – won’t slip off your head and yet snug enough to give you a little facelift (I know you know what I’m talkin about)
  3. Knock Off TRX Suspension Bands
  4. 21 Day Fix Extreme Workout Program – Not for the faint of heart, but hands down I’ve gotten the best results from this program and the torment only lasts 30 minutes.
    Zella Workout Pants – My next conquest
    Manduka Yoga Mat + A 3 month subscription to a crap-ton of online yoga classes (among other workouts)
  5. Puma Workout Socks – Best. Sock. Ever.
  6. Super Cute Long Cable Knit Leg Warmers  – I mean really….  These are everything.
  7. Wrist weights – don’t think Jane Fonda. Think added intensity to your yoga practice.

xo caren

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