I’m often asked about the products and services I use and recommend, so I decided to create this on going list of resources and experts in the area of fitness and nutrition that I respect.

A couple of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.  However,  none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me.

Books & Guides

If you are just starting out on becoming fat-adapted, and you’re not sure where to start – this is the guide for you.  It’s a great resource that explains the how’s and why’s, but also gives you lots of instruction and fabulous recipes.   I recommend starting with this guide for a basic understanding as you explore the other resources below.


Awesome Podcasts

  • Vinnie Tortorich – The Angriest Trainer
  • Fat Burning Man
  • Fit Fat Fast
  • The Calorie Myth
  • The Paleo Solution
  • The Primal BluePrint


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