Chickpeas with Delicata Squash, Kale, and Coconut Milk

I think you’re going to love this one.   
It’s the ideal workday lunch that you can make on a Sunday and pack for the week.  It’s got a good deal of protien from the chic peas (love me some chic peas), and it’s a great backdrop for getting a little kale into your diet, especially if you’re not a fan of the taste.   
Overall it’s a fabulous recipe, and really easy to make.
I found the recipe over at Healthy Green Kitchen via tastespotting.  Not only is Winnie Abramson a naturopathic doctor turned blogger and recipe developer, she’s clearly a talented photographer too (pictures on tastespotting = Harvard of food photography).  She’s apparently mini farm keeper as well.
I loved the premise of her blog, which promotes a whole foods diet as part of a broader goal of healthy living.  I’ll be coming back to her for more inspiration for sure.
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